[Pictured (L-R): Flynn's Roar, Flynn's Reputation, Flynn's LWYMMD and Flynn's Gold Rush] Last weekend was the ISRBA State Convention. It was my second show of the year and actually only my second show since the ARBA Convention last fall. We had around 50 Tans in all four open shows. In the specialty shows our black junior classes ranged from 14-16 animals per class both days. When you look at the show results below, please don't think that judging was inconsistent. There was a different mix of animals in all of the shows. ISRBA Show A: Judged by Josh Humphries BOB - Flynn's Not Today Kanye - Black Junior Doe BOS - Flynn's Superstar - Black Junior Buck ISRBA Show B: Judged by Todd Naragon BOB - Flynn's Not Today Kanye - Black Junior Doe BOS - Flynn's Reputation - Black Junior Buck Tan Specialty Show A: Judged by Danny Long BOB - Flynn's Gold Rush - Black Junior Buck BOS - Flynn's Roar - Black Junior Doe Tan Specialty Show B: Judged by LeAnn McKinney BOB - Flynn's Aura - Black Junior Doe BOS - Flynn's Heartthrob - Black Junior Buck A big thank you to Becky Stock, Rob Pape, Lee Nevills, Wendy Hansen, the Claar family and others for helping write, put animals on the table and most importantly -- hold them in the coops during judging.

Congratulations to Jimmy Phillips of Oregon on being selected by the judges for this year's contest. While fellow breeders select the winner, I always read through the entries as well just for fun. I was thrilled by the number of entries received and the time taken to put together responses. There were many deserving kids. I would like to encourage everyone to check back again next summer for next year's contest. The most rewarding thing about this contest is knowing that I have in some small way I have helped out someone else. I also love that every year at least one person tells me that they are going to start doing a similar contest in their breed. That is wonderful. Please do not hesitate to "copy" this idea.

Each year I hold a contest for a youth Tan breeder to win a pair of black Tans. The rabbits must be picked up at the ARBA National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana in October of this year. You do not need to be in attendance at Convention, but you must have transportation for the animals from the show. The deadline for entering is August 31st. Please see the following page for additional details: https://www.blueribbonrabbitry.com/youth-giveaway-contest.

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